In line with the developed countries, the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology has adopted the food nanotechnology field as a leading topic to establish emerging advantages to feed eminent aims of the country. Five academic staff and two expert officers of this department are focusing on:

 •    Nano materials

•    Nano structures 
•    Nano particles
•    Nano sensors in food processing 
•    Nano food preservatives 
•    Packaging


    Sophisticated laboratories were established to serve the capabilities of scientists of this field in producing and evaluating the nanoparticles and all relevant matters as mentioned above.

Academic Members of the Department:

Academic Rank
Field of Interest Name 
Associate Professor 
 Physical Properties of Food Products Dr. B. Emamzadeh (Head)
Assistant Professor 
Dr. A. Bostan
Associate  Professor
Bio-polymeric Nano-structures 
Dr. Gh. Rajabzadeh
Associate Professor
Colloidal  Nanostructures
Dr. R. Kadkhodaee
Assistant ProfessorElectrospinning
Dr. B. Ghorani 
Assistant Professor
 Rheology of Biopolymers and Food Products
Dr. S. Naji

Department Experts:

Z. ZaferaniMilk& Dairy Technology 
Food Biophysics
S. SalehiMSc. in Material Engineering 
Food Nanotechnology