This department is committed to conducting research activities including:

·         Measurement, extraction, identification and determination of food in terms of food components, particles, pollutants

·         Reduction of  pollutants to nil by developing fine packaging and insulation

·         Development of self - biodegradable packs and identification of their disadvantages on the environment

·         Determination of  the food shelf life and chemical interaction of food components

·         Identification and extraction of active herbal matters, synthesis and analysis of food components.

Academic Members of the Department :

Academic Rank 
Field of Interest
Associate Professor
Separation, Carbohydrates, Packaging  
Dr. M. Shahidi ( Head)
Assistant Professor 
Separation and Analysis, Food Safety, Instrumental Analysis
Dr. A. Beigbabaee
Assistant ProfessorFood Analytical Chemistry
Dr. M. Jahani
Associate  Professor
Oils, Food safety, Packaging
Dr. R. Niyazmand
Assistant ProfessorPackagingDr. M. R Abdolahimoghadam

Department Experts:

Z. Khodabakhshi
MSc. in Inorganic Chemistry
Food Analysis
A.GolmakaniMSc. in Organic ChemistryFood Chemistry


  •         Food Analysis
  •         Food Chemistry