The food industry of Iran, considering the importance of food safety due to its close relationship with the health of community along with growing concern over the continual increase of food and environment contaminants, more than ever requires preservation and optimal utilization of irreplaceable national resources. Meanwhile, the role of research as one of the main links in the chain of knowledge- based economy is of key importance.

The Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST) as a national pioneer research center makes every endeavor to accomplish its mission in terms of food safety and security in the national level through applied and technological research projects. It also attains praise worthy international status through the development of science and state-of-the- art technologies as well as the production of technical knowledge and commercialization of research achievements.

Having rapid global developments in mind and relying on its adept staff, RIFST prepares the necessary infrastructures to implement applied research projects utilizing efficient technologies. Realizing RIFST’s visions, i.e. being among the most prominent institutes involved in Food Science and Technology in the region as well as accomplishing the efficiency of research and technology in the society, lies undoubtedly in improving communication and dynamism of cooperation with all professional scientific, research oriented, industrial and state organizations. Therefore, we warmly welcome constructive ideas proposed by researchers, intellectuals and industrialists involved in the field. 

Dr. Ghadir Rajabzadeh