This department intends to pursue the realization of the goals of the RIFST in areas of creation, transfer and commercialization of technology of food industry machineries, enjoying expert academic staff members who specialize in the fields of mechanics, materials and electronics in addition to utilizing equipped, technical and pilot researches



The activity areas of this department are as follows:

·         Designing and prototyping food systems, applying novel technology in food  industry

·         Optimizing energy consumption in food industry

·         Utilizing solar energy for food processing  

·         Designing systems and devices to detect or control food contaminants

·         Applying information technology in producing food products from farm to fork

·         Surface engineering(coating and corrosion) in food industry



        Academic Members of the Department: 


Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Assistant Professor Machine Design, High-Pressure Vessels, Stress  Analysis,  Advanced and Smart Materials  Dr.  M. Mirzababaee
Assistant Professor Solar Cooking, Hallal and Tayyeb Food, High vaccuum Systems Dr. H.Zamani (Head)
Assistant Professor - Dr. Mohsen Heidary

  Emeritus Faculty Members:

Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Associate Professor  Unsteady Compressible Flows, Heating and Cooling Systems, Heat and Mass Transfer Processes Dr. Ali Faezian
Master of Philosophy Biosensors Dr. S. Samadi





  •       Research and Semi-industrial Pilot