Soroush Boshroie

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit


Tel: 05135425326 ,05135425406








The unit intends to elevate the system through improving the smartness and efficiency of it, which will pave the way to reach the principal objective of the organization.

Applying monitoring and evaluation approach enables the policymakers of a system to identify and rise to potential challenges in the system, through the feedback reported to them by the unit.

Furthermore, the unit provides the staff and mangers sufficient information to compare their performance with the principal objectives of the organization to be achieved. Hence, it is widely believed that establishing the institution of monitoring and assessment is an essential item in improving individual’s efficiency as well as strategic planning for the organization.

In strategic planning of the RIFST, which intends to reach the 5-year objectives of the Institute this unit has to monitor and observe the performance of deputies, departments  in three categories:

Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the projects, perpetual monitoring of performance of the Institute with respect to its vision and analyzing the existing shortages.

Evaluating the performance of the sub-institutes, deputies, units and presenting periodical reports

valuating human resources of the Institute