The Research Institute of Food Science and Technology is composed of two Institutes entitled “the Institute for Food Science and Technology” and “the Institute for Advanced Food Technologies” each includes three departments working on their specialized fields. The Institutes enjoy 36 full-time academic staff and 10 well- equipped laboratories capable of performing any scientific experiment in the related fields.

The Institute of Food Science

The Department of Food Machineries

This department intends to pursue the realization of the goals of the RIFST in areas of creation, transfer and commercialization of technology of food industry machineries, enjoying expert academic staff members who specialize in the fields of mechanics, materials and electronics in addition to utilizing equipped, technical and pilot researches

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The Department of Food Processing

The department intends to conduct all the research projects concerning various processes producing food utilizing novel techniques. Besides, the department seeks food safety and healthiness of the food products via modernizing the food formulas.

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The Department of Food Chemistry

Equipped with three laboratories, this department benefits from 7 full-time academic staff and a lab technician has been conducting numerous research projects on food pollutants as well as serving several industries with expert consultancy on the related field.

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The Institute of Advanced Food Technologies

The Department of Food Safety and Quality Control

The department intends to assure healthiness of the food products as well as reducing the risks and pollutants threatening consumers. To reach these goals the department is commissioned to design and update the mechanisms involved in food quality control and wholesomeness as well as developing approaches for immediate detection also codifying and editing patterns and standards in food quality. 

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The Department of Food Biotechnology

Through several research projects, this department is taking over the biotech research activities, relying on the knowledgeable academic staff and the technicians, for development of functional and new food resources, food components and biologically active compounds.

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The Department of Food Nanotechnology

In line with the developed countries, the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology has adopted the food nanotechnology field as a leading topic to establish emerging advantages to feed eminent aims of the country. The departments other main goal is to commercialize the outcomes of the research projects.

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