In this department, all research activities related to the processing, developing and improving of food products are carried out with the emphasis on novel technologies and food formulation processing, while implementing the approach of healthy food development.

In this research department, academic members specialize in the following areas:

• Engineering of food formulations using novel structures while implementing the approach of healthy food development.

• Designing new food formulations using protein and polysaccharide compounds based on native sources.

• Developing procedural and processing food systems using modern technologies for the production of high added value compounds from waste.


• Improving and developing novel sensory evaluation methods in food products with the aim of attaining the desired taste and texture.


Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Associate Professor

Rheology of Gels and Food Biopolymers

Dr. A. Rafe -Head
Associate Professor Technology for the Production of Chocolate and Confectionery Products, Food Products Formulation and Development of Novel Sensory Evaluation Techniques

Dr. S. Yeganezad

Assistant  Professor Dairy Processing , Food  Hydrocoloids, Food Pproteins Dr. M. Hesarinejad


  Emeritus Faculty Members:

Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Assistant Professor  Processing of saffron and related products Abas Hemati Kakhki
Assistant Professor processing Fruit, vegetable and dried fruit Dr. Alireza Sadeghiyan



Department Experts:

Name Status Laboratory
Dr. M. Mohammadi PhD. In Food Chemistry Novel Food Technologies & Food Processing
A.Kordjazi MSc. in Food Science  Food Processing & Food Formulation