Soroush Boshroie

Deputy of Finance and Administration


Tel: 05135425420 ,05135425406

The Deputy of Finance and Administration of the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology is in charge of planning and policy-making regarding the administrative, financial and human resources management system. It is also in charge of supervising the work flow and work methods used in different units, the use of allocated credits, the implementation of laws, and the supervision of financial and administrative regulations. In addition, it provides the necessary background for the realization of RIFST's goals. Other duties of this deputy are: administration and supervision of the good implementation of all administrative, financial and civil affairs of RIFST, in accordance with the relevant approvals, regulations and by-laws; dealing with the executive goals of RIFST and guiding and monitoring the workflow and work methods used in different units in order to create coordination between the activities of different units in order to achieve the executive goals of the Institute; monitoring the consumption of the allocated credit to different units based on the detailed budget approved by the board of trustees and other financial laws and regulations applied by the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology and submitting a report to the relevant board of trustees; determining the current state of Institute by identifying, strengths, bottlenecks, problems, opportunities and upcoming threats in order to determine the proposed strategies so as to improve to the desired state; providing the necessary explanatory reports to RIFST's President regarding the tasks related to the units under observation;  collecting and completing the required information based on the comprehensive plan of the Institute and planning and proposing the annual budget and carrying out all the necessary activities for the implementation of the construction projects of the Institute;  carrying out basic repairs in order to restore and maintain existing buildings and facilities; forming a committee to develop executive procedures in order to optimize the system of administrative interactions between subordinate units in cooperation with other deputies of the research institute - establishing the process of identifying revenues and proper control over the financial cycle in order to prepare financial management reports in order to create financial discipline in different departments of the Institute and developing executive procedures suitable for maintaining the building and equipment of the Institute in order to preserve and maintain the national funds of RIFST.