The department intends to assure the healthiness of food products as well as reducing the risks and pollutants threatening consumers. To reach these goals the department is commissioned to design and update the mechanisms involved in food quality control and wholesomeness as well as developing approaches for immediate detection also codifying and editing patterns and standards in food quality.

The department intends to reach the following goals:

·         Using analytical methods such as biosensor, aptasensor and chromatography for quality control of food;

·         Improving food standards at national, regional and international levels;

·         Optimizing the production of organic and safe food;


·         Conducting research on Halal Food recognition system.


  Academic Members of the Department:

Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Assistant Professor  Packaging, Fortification and new methods in  food Quality Control and Safety Dr. B. M. Razavizadeh -head
Assistant Professor   Food Analysis (chromatography) Dr. J. Feizy
Associate Professor

Food quality control (biosensors, nanosensors and chemometrics)

Dr. E. Fooladi

Assistant Professor Aptamer-based Biosensors Dr. A. Verdian
Assistant Professor Food microbiology, Food safety, Food packaging (Edible films and coatings) Dr. D.Shahrampour


  Emeritus Faculty Members:

Academic Rank  Field of Interest Name 
Assistant Professor  Food product safety management from farm to fork Dr. Ahmad Balandary

Department Experts:

Name Status Laboratory
M. Mahmoodi MSc. in Food Products Quality Control  …….