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The first International Conference on Tayyeb Food is jointly held by the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST)  collaborating with Razavi Quality Institute affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi on November 9_10th ,2022 in Mashhad, Iran.
The first international conference on Tayyeb food intends to present the latest scientific achievements and practical solutions, exchange opinions of thinkers, researchers and managers of governmental and private organizations on national and international scale.
"Dr. Hossein Zamani", Executive Secretary of the conference and Managing Director of the Razavi Quality Institute, said: "The original  idea of producing Tayyeb food was shaped  at RIFST intending to  implement this project in cooperation with Astan Quds Razavi, and as a result the  Quality Institute was established.

He continued: in order to make this plan operational, Neshan Tayyeb , Tayyeb Trade Mark, was designed, which is not only  registered in the Patents and Intellectual Property Organization of Iran , but also has been  the internationally registered.

Zamani clarifying the difference between Halal and Tayyeb food  mentioned "Halal food considers the minimum religious requirements in the production of food products, while producing Tayyeb  food requires Halal principles of the products as well as well-defined standards.
He continued: "It took about 70 years for halal food to reach its current status with the support of the Malaysian government, but unfortunately there have been many cases where there is no necessary supervision over its production due to the profiteering of some people in the world." This has caused   Halal logo to be different in different countries, and this is one of the weaknesses of the brand. 
The faculty member of the institute  mentioned  halal, health, originality, blessing and attractiveness as the five principles of  Tayyeb Food.
The executive secretary of the conference added: "So far, scientific and research centers in Malaysia, Switzerland, South Korea, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Brunei have announced their interest  to attend and cooperate in this conference. Also,  prestigious universities inside the country  announced their support for the conference by sending the logos of these universities”. 
The executive Secretary of the event also remarked that the deadline for submitting papers to the conference is September 22nd . All the papers submitted by the date will be indexed by ISI and Civilica.
 Moreover, the papers selected by the reviewers will be published in reputable research journals”.
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