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With the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad, and her entourage, the implementation stages of the scientific agreements between the two institutes have entered a new phase.

Dr. Behrouz Ghorani, the Director of International Scientific Cooperation of RIFST, mentioned that the presence of University of Baghdad affiliates at the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology is a welcome opportunity. He added that one of the priorities of RIFST's International Scientific Cooperation programs is the development of extensive scientific diplomacy and international interactions with the countries of the region namely Iraq, which we are trying to make the most of the interactive capacities.

Dr. Ghorani said "In this regard, a discussion was held between the Institute and the University of Baghdad in October of 2023 during the Science Week Meeting of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq, and a memorandum of understanding was signed, and we are now pursuing its execution."

The Director of International Scientific Cooperation further added "In a joint meeting with academic staff members of the two countries, a contract was drafted on the topics of exchange of academic members, holding short-term educational courses and workshops, the development of scientific and academic interactions between the two countries and the development of study opportunities for professors and students."