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According to a report by RIFST's public relations, Professor Morteza Abbas Zadegan, a member of the academic staff and one of the administrators of the Arizona State University, attended the Research Institute of Food science and Technology, and delivered a scientific lecture titled "Public health from the perspective of the microbiome, the challenges of food and water quality". In this scientific lecture, Professor Morteza Abbas Zadegan discussed his recent research in the field of drinking water microbiome and general water quality and public health challenges. He also presented the results of his research on the effect of pipe material on the microbiome of drinking water and concluded that PEX pipe material, under experimental conditions, has the best conditions to ensure stable water quality in the piping system. After the speech, an active and productive discussion was held about the research and related issues, and Professor Abbaszadegan answered the questions. Professor Abbas Zadegan, a distinguished researcher in environmental microbiology and environmental engineering, is the founding director of the National Science Foundation's Center for Water and Environmental Technology (WET) at Arizona State University. Professor Abbas Zadegan has authored more than 100 research papers, written several books and reports in the field of microbiology and environmental engineering. He also serves as the editor of Water and Health magazine, IWA Publications.