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The President of the Research Institute of Food Sciences and Technology in a summit with Iraqi intellectuals said “I believe that Iran and Iraq have so many scientific potentials, especially in the field of food security, which can be applied to achieve greater cooperation resulting in stronger scientific ties between both countries. Meanwhile, these collaborations should be long-term and stable and lead to the exchange of experiences.”

Prof. Razavi highlighted the common scientific fields between the two countries and added “The Islamic Republic of Iran intends to expand scientific diplomacy, especially with its neighboring countries, and Iraq is one of our important neighbors. It should be said that we have common issues in many fields, but the key to solving these problems lies in the hands of universities and research centers. I firmly believe that both sides have a serious desire to cooperate, and following the memorandum signed between the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology and some Iraqi universities, we have tried to speed up the implementation of the agreed items.”

In another part of his speech, Prof. Razavi pointed out the four decades of RIFST activities and said “Our Institute provides effective national and international services according to the real needs of the country as well as international requests, and by drawing its mission and vision which is eliminating the gaps existing in the country's health and food security. Also, having considered climate change, increase in food environmental pollutants, as well as the capacities of each region, RIFST is ready to provide solutions to the problems of the society and food industry.

At the end of this speech, Prof. Razavi, the President of the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, sincerely invited all the scholars to conduct scientific research to solve the common problems of the two countries and to establish joint research institutes for this purpose.