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In a bilateral meeting with the representatives of the Research Institute of food science and Technology in Iraq, Professor Baha Ebrahim Insaf, President of University of Baghdad, announced his readiness to hold the first joint conference in the field of food security between the two countries. He added “This conference can make great contributions to the development of Iraq's food industry, which guarantees sustainable food security.” In this meeting, while thanking Professor Baha Ebrahim Insaf for holding this scientific conference, Prof. Razavi said "We have established scientific cooperation with many leading Iraqi universities by signing memorandums of understanding, and this cooperation can expand the scientific relations between the two countries of Iran and Iraq and will have a wide impact and solve the problems in this sector. While emphasizing the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence in the food industry, Prof. Razavi emphasized the need to expand new and advanced technologies and use their results in this field.