The lab, intending to conduct research on nutraceutical, designing and producing nanosensors detecting for adulteration and pesticide residue detection in food products, nano composites, Nano coating and Nano packaging for food industry meeting international standards_ was equipped and established. 

The lab privileged by state of the art devices and competent faculty members as well as lab technicians is prepared to collaborate with universities, research institutes and food industries to conduct joint research projects or provide professional consultancy to industries. Some of the services given by the lab are nanocoating, size and molecular mass determination, zeta potential for nano and micro particles, monitoring release profile in intestinal and gastric simulated environment, monitoring the nano catalysis activities of Nano particles, Nano coaters, homogenizing suspensions applying ultrasound probe, assessing electrochemical (voltammetry, amperometry, impedance). The lab enjoys such devices as spin coater, DLS, Ultra-TURRAX homogenizer. Moreover, this lab as the Iran Laboratory Nanotechnology Network member not only provides the afore-mentioned services, but also establishes bridges between experts and student and food industry insiders.