Sensory features are among the chief properties of food products and considering their proximity to consumer's needs, conducting research on them is highly important. Nowadays, the evaluation of sensory features has attracted the attention of various scientific, educational, research-oriented and industrial centers. Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Behavior Laboratory was founded in 2013 with the aim of improving, developing and evaluation engineering of food products using sensory evaluation techniques for the production of high-quality products. After some years of training and research in this field, it was technically developed in the year 2018 in national and international scale. Developing sensory evaluation techniques, performing differentiation, consumer acceptance (using Hedonic method), preferential, descriptive and time-dependent (TI, TDS) tests in food products are the priorities of this laboratory.

The lab has separate sensory evaluation cabinets (equipped with accurate lighting and computers for collecting sensory data), individual and group training for panelists, meeting rooms, a separate and controlled sample preparation environment, and a specialized well-trained team. Designing and implementing general and specialized sensory evaluation tests based on updated techniques with the help of specialized sensory evaluation software, scientific and technical advice, information processing and analysis of test results, as well as training new sensory evaluation methods for industrial units and researchers are among the services provided to the applicants in this lab.