This laboratory was established in 2013 with the aim of developing and engineering food products formulation tailored to the needs of consumers as well as developing sensory evaluation techniques for producing healthy and high quality products. Teaching new sensory assessment methods to industrial units and researchers is among the services provided to applicants in this lab. In view of the approach of the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology that is providing optimal services to industrial units and collecting the latest equipment of the world, it is anticipated that the laboratory of formulation and sensory evaluation will become the only standard and scientific reference laboratory of Iran for the development of new food products. Formulation development in cocoa and confectionery products (various types of chocolate, toffee, gummy candy, jelly, chewing gum, desserts and creams. etc.), dried fruits and nuts, fruit and cereal based snacks, flour products (cakes and cookies.etc ) and dairy products are the research priorities of this laboratory.