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With the intention of passing a course on “Modern Methods in Food Production, Food quality Control, Identification and Evaluation of Rheological Behavior of Foodstuff” as well as presenting a report on the joint research contract already signed between the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST) and Saratov State Agrarian University (SSAU), two academic members and a PhD student from SSAU paid a three day visit to RIFST.

In addition, while staying at RIFST, SSAU delegates signed a new contract entitled “The Application of Edible Oleogels in Confectionary Products with the Aim of Improving Sensory Nutritional Properties” which aims to improve food security and safety as well as creating added value in confectionary products.  Improving sensory properties and helping to increase the market acceptance of confectionery products is defined as another goal of this contract.

It should be noted that, according to figures announced last year by the Iranian Chocolate and Confectionery Association, around $750 million of confectionery products were exported to 66 countries including Russia, Japan and the United States, tow high improving nutritional and sensory characteristics of such products plays a key role in developing their market.