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The head of the central laboratory of RIFST, assistant professor Javad Feizi,   said: "The central laboratory of the Food Science, having purchased the state-of-the-art devices, has provided the necessary equipment to perform a wide range of food, chemical and cosmetic tests.


"Dr. Javad Feizi" added: "The facilities and equipment of the central laboratory of the institute have been used to solve national and industrial challenges, especially in the field of food safety”


He continued: "Development of laboratories and updating methods of analysis as well as utilizing the capacity of laboratory experts are the most important strategic priorities of the Central Laboratory of the Food Science and the Institute, which may, in turn, serve the research and development units of food factories as well as , significantly contributing  development of  Knowledge-based products

The faculty member of RIFST stated: Providing educational services to quality control officials and technical officials of production units and applicants for learning specialized laboratory services, along with conducting tests and providing laboratory services are among the services that can be provided by the laboratories located at the Institute.

DR. Feizi, pointing to the use of laboratory information management system (LIMS), added: "Using this system, the process of receiving, registering sample information, conducting tests and recording and sending the results to the laboratory secretariat and delivering it to the customer has been facilitated and organized

Dr.Faizi continued: In addition to being a member of the Iranian Scientific Laboratories Network (Sha'a), this laboratory operates as a member of the Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network.

He, remarking the close interaction and cooperation of RIFST’s central laboratory with the Food and Drug Administration, Halal Research Center, Veterinary Organization and Environmental Protection Organization, pointed out that the Laboratory has also been certified by ISO 17025 the highest reference for laboratory competence.

The head of the Central Laboratory of the Institute, referring to the adjacency of the Laboratory to   Toos Industrial Town as the most important advantage of cooperation with this laboratory, stated: Signing a cooperation agreement with active and prominent food industry companies is one of the achievements of the Central Laboratory.