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According to a report by RIFS’s public relations, Dr. Javad Feizy, Research Deputy of RIFST announced that “After the evaluations carried out by Food and Drug Control Authority, RIFST’s central laboratory has been recognized as a cooperating and authorized laboratory of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran”

Dr. Feizy stated that the central laboratory of the Research Institute of Food Sciences and Technology operates with high-tech laboratory equipment in order to provide advanced services to researchers and university colleagues and scientific and industrial centers in the country. This laboratory complex, which includes 11 specialized food laboratories, is capable of providing services in various fields of physicochemistry, microbiology, elemental analysis, chromatography, spectroscopy, nano and surface analysis, formulation and sensory evaluation and genetic diagnosis. With continuous efforts, this center has succeeded in obtaining a partner laboratory license from the Food and Drug Administration in the field of drinking water, mineral water, herbal distillate, saffron, oil seeds, grains, nanoparticles and dried fruits. 

The special capabilities of the central laboratory, such as the existence of advanced analytical devices, proper precision and accuracy in analysis, and the existence of expert and experienced human resources, were among the reasons for the success of obtaining this license.