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A meeting was held on Wednesday in which RIFST's President, Deputy of Research and Technology, Deputy of Finance and Administration and heads of the research groups welcomed the new PhD students.

During the meeting, Prof. Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi congratulated the presence of the new students in the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology while congratulating Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) birthday and commemorating the holy defense week and the memory of the country's scientific martyrs.

In the first part of his speech, in a report, the Institute's President, while introducing the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, pointed out the history of RIFST and how it was formed. Prof. Razavi added: So far, more than 90 students have studied at the Ph.D. level at RIFST, of whom 44 have graduated and are working in various industrial sectors as well as academic centers.

In the second part of his speech, Prof. Razavi said, “Today, we and all members of the academic staff have the same energy and passion as you, and working with you young people makes us feel more energetic and move side by side with you."

Prof. Razavi expressed his hope that this 4-year period will be filled with honors while having good memories and he promised to create a better scientific atmosphere in the Institute than in the past so that it will have more prosperity in the world scenes.