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According to a report by RIFST's public relations, Younes Aroul, an international student from Abdurrahman Mira University, Algeria, who is currently spending a month's research internship program at the Institute, said: “Before entering this institute, in order to find a reliable center to complete the research related to my thesis on the topic of dried fruits and toxins, I examined the research results of several universities and research centers. However, in the end I chose the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology.”

He expressed that the results of ochratoxin and aflatoxin tests in this institute have been accurately obtained. Younes Aroul also evaluated the methods used in HPLC tests as well as the laboratory equipment in the Institute as quite appropriate. At the end, while expressing his thanks and satisfaction with the attitude of the Institute's staff, he recommended his friends and fellow students to attend the institute for their internship program and scientific cooperation.