1. plasma

The Research Deputy of the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST) reported that increasing the export of agricultural products through reducing microbial load, residual toxins and secondary pollution and by using cold plasma technology is achievable.

Dr.Ziaratnia added “In collaboration with FEMTO Science of South Korea, RIFST has established a plasma research and service center which benefits from advanced plasma production equipment to provide research and specialized services to the country's food and agricultural industry owners.” 

Today, this method is widely used in numerous branches of science and technology, including medicine, electronics, paint, polymer, materials and metallurgy, agriculture and food industry.

Among various types of plasma, cold plasma is of special importance in biological applications and the food industry due to its low working temperature, and has created promising horizons in improving the quality of food products.

The services of the Plasma Research Center of RIFST include reducing the microbial load in food and medicinal plants at European standards, improving the germination efficiency and vegetative growth of medicinal and crop seeds, and producing plasma waters used in the food and agricultural industries.