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The President of the Research Institute of Food Sciences and Technology said: "Halal" emblem indicates whether or not a food item can be consumed from a jurisprudential point of view, but "Tayyeb" is an emblem to measure the quality of food products.

Prof. Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi, who was speaking at the press conference of the first international conference of Tayyab food, added: the road map of Tayyab emblem is to commercialize it and hold scientific conferences to introduce it more to the world markets, and based on which, the quality factors in the production of food products are parameterized and according to a specific valuation system, quality will become a measurable factor.

In response to a question about the differences between the "Halal" emblem and the Tayyab emblem, he explained the necessity of a new trademark for measuring the quality of food products. He added, owing to the fact that Islam believes in the medicinal role of all food (food-medicine), scientists in the last few decades have come to the conclusion that some foods can have medicinal properties, and they have defined marks such as "functional". For instance, they have added probiotic microbes to dairy products to stimulate beneficial intestinal microorganisms and create specific metabolites to have a health-giving effect.

He further pointed to holding the first scientific event of Tayyeb food on November 9 and 10 of this year, while coinciding the "Quality Day" and stated: In addition to conducting scientific research in the field of halal food, the Research Institute of Food Sciences and Technology has been conducting research in the field of Tayyeb food since 2015, that the results of which will be presented in this international conference. He emphasized: Tayyab food has the potential to become a commercial brand like Halal and bring great scientific and economic values ​​to the country.

Next, the CEO of Razavi Quality Knowledge Institute and the executive secretary of this conference said: There are five keywords for the concept of Tayyab; First, Heliat which means that the product is halal from the point of view of Shariah, secondly, Barkat means added value to the product, thirdly, attractiveness means the effort of the producer to improve the sensory characteristics of the product, fourthly, health means meeting the health requirements of the production chain until consumption, and finally, authenticity means  the honesty of a product advertisement.

He emphasized: In explaining the concept of Tayyab, we seek to increase the quality of life in a real way, and for a producer who wants to participate in the quality competition, Tayyab's emblem is like a medal that the consumer can be sure of by seeing it. The product in question has passed accurate and strict criteria.

The scientific secretary of the first international conference on Tayyab food also stated about the objectives of holding this conference: The purpose of holding this conference is to familiarize with the latest scientific achievements regarding Tayyab food and to learn about different methods of processing and improving the quality of products at the same time.

"Dr. Marzieh Razavizadeh" added: 186 papers have been sent to the secretariat of the conference, of which 25 will be presented orally and 161 will be written.

The faculty member of the Research Institute of Food Science and technology also said: 347 economic thinkers and activists from Iran and foreign countries such as Switzerland, Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand have registered to attend this conference and will participate in it in person or online.