1. panjab

The Research Institute of Food science and Technology has already signed a scientific joint project entitled on “Enhanced production of thermostable pectinase enzyme” with the University of Central Punjab (UCP), located in Lahore, Pakistan.

The contract has been signed following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between organizations as well as the cooperation of Professor Shah Jahan Beig, an academic staff of UCP, with the 3rd Asia-Pacific probiotics workshop held on 6-7 December, 2016.  Being one of the most pioneering universities in Pakistan, the University of Central Punjab enrollment amounts to 8000 students studying in the seven distinct faculties and two schools affiliated to the university. 

Having been attracted by the expertise of the faculty members of RIFST, academic staff in the faculty of Life Sciences at UCP had no hesitation in proposing and implementing the aforementioned research project.