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Coinciding with Research and Technology Week, the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST) has unveiled alcohol extracted from the waste of food industry factories. 
According to RIFST's public relations, with the widespread outbreak of coronavirus and as a result of increasing demand for alcohol as an effective disinfectant in controlling the transmission chain of this disease, RIFST, having identified existing capacities, has produced this product from the waste of food factories.
"Dr. Abolfazl Pahlavanloo", RIFST's Deputy of Research, added: "The technical knowledge of medical alcohol production with high purity from food industry waste is currently available in this research center. Considering the characteristics of raw materials used in this product, it has a very high added value for production on an industrial scale.
The principal researcher of this project stated that the use of novel technologies has always created a competitive advantage in the production of various products: Ethanol is no exception to this rule, and accordingly, the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, using novel technologies, has acquired the technical knowledge to produce ethanol at a much lower price than the production price of factories operating in Iran.
Pahlavanloo added: "In this process, by optimizing the complete production line, including the formulation and the type of raw material (food industry waste), redesigning the fermentation reactors, optimizing the fermentation system and smartening up the distillation tower, the alcohol production system was recreated."
While saying that the effluent discharged from this method can be used in animal feed, added "This center is fully prepared to hand over all achievements in the full establishment of the production line and quality control processes of the final product to the Country's production units.”