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The “International Conference on the Promotion of Scientific and Regional Cooperation on Food and Agricultural Sciences” which gathered over 250 academics and experts in the fields of food science and agriculture as well as university officials from Iran, Iraq and Syria was hosted by the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST) on August 24th, 2018.

“This is the first event which is jointly arranged by academic centers from Iran, Iraq and Syria in the areas of food science and agriculture with the aim of expanding international scientific cooperation,” said Dr. Ghadir Rajabzadeh, the President of RIFST and the Conference Head. He also added “With honor, we have received 15 university chancellors or faculty deans from universities of Iraq, and the representative from Iraqi Forum of Inventors and Officials from Imam Ali’s shrine (Ataba Alavi Al Muqaddasa) also. Around 150 academic people from Iraq and Syria have participated in this conference. It has also received a warm welcome from Iranian universities and we hope long-lasting scientific ties will be established.”

In addition, Prof. Thamer Hamdan, the chancellor of the University of Basrah delivered a speech in the opening ceremony of the conference. He stated that it is of great importance for the academic centers of the neighboring countries who share deep and common religious and cultural interests to unite and cooperate in order to tackle the present food and agriculture challenges more effectively.

It is worth noting that around 455 abstracts had been sent to the secretariat of the conference of which 332 were accepted for oral and poster presentation. Moreover, following the conference, with the intent to continue and promote international scientific collaborations, memorandum of understanding was signed between RIFST and the University of Basrah at the 19thInternational Exhibition of Food and Food Processing at Mashhad International Exhibition. Also, Prof. Alireza Koochaki, the iconic figure in the field of agricultural science, was commended at the opening ceremony of the conference.