Programs Supported by CISSC


The distinctive program of the CISSC is designed to attract overseas outstanding scientists and experts in various fields of S&T to speak at an academic event in Iran. The purpose of the so-called Simorgh program, which started in 2010, is to provide opportunities for the faculty members and students at Iranian universities to enhance their research and training by establishing ties with foreign scholars. What distinguishes this program from the other sponsored programs of the CISSC is the requirement of organizing academic events for the invited guest speakers in one or more universities outside Tehran, preferably in the less developed cities across the country.



The CISSC in partnership with the “Cooperation and Cultural Activities” (SCAC) section of the French Embassy in Iran is coordinating and managing Gundishapur program, which is designed to promote collaborations among Iranian and French researchers and faculty members in a variety of fields including humanities and social sciences, life science, agriculture and environment. The program places emphasis on projects which:

            -  Are accompanied by training at doctoral or post-doctoral levels;

            - Provide the opportunity of collaborations between several Iranian and French laboratories or research centers;

           -  Foster technological innovation and competiveness in order to solve development problems, particularly in economic and social domains



In this program, the goal is to cultivate collaborations among Iranian nationals working overseas and those residing in the country. The CISSC promotes joint scientific research in a number of fields by inviting distinguished Iranian scholars and innovators working in other countries to travel to Iran for a short time period lasting several days or weeks. In addition, the program will provide opportunities for sabbatical leaves for faculty members who want to immerse themselves in a foreign community and gain experience in international in research collaborations.


Pietro Delavale

The Government of Islamic Republic of Iran and Italian Government have agreed to financially support the projects. The project Pietro DeLLA Valle includes shared research projects of Iranian and Italian teams in the areas of human and social studies, museum, arts and cultural heritage, natural sciences, life and medical sciences, engineering and information technology, that have been approved by Italian scientific committees and as well as the Iranian Center of International Studies and Scientific Cooperation, by taking the research priorities into account.



Through this program, national universities and science-research centers can invite distinguished overseas Iranian scholars and researchers, to teach at these institutes in Iran. Iranian professors in the country can also make an application under this program to teach at one of the universities or science-research centers abroad.




The CISSC has tried to help the MSRT to improve the quality of its research programs by facilitating international scientific collaboration between researchers in universities and research centers across the country and foreign research in various academic disciplines ranging from basic science to social science and art. Under this program, the prominent international researchers are invited to travel to Iran for a specific period of time in order to engage in collaborative research projects with Iranian scholars