·         Identifying overseas educational and research centers in the field of food science related to the research fields of RIFST;

·         Introducing RIFST to international food industry researchers and practitioners;

·         Providing the ground for joint research projects with scientific centers abroad;

·         Establishing scientific communication between the academic members of RIFST and researchers in scientific centers abroad;

·         Holding international scientific conferences and workshops planned by RIFST;

·         Inviting and coordinating the presence of foreign scholars and professors with the aim of presenting scientific lectures at the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology;

·         Coordinating the presence of RIFST's academic members at international conferences and meetings;

·         Conducting telephone and video conferences between the Institute and other research centers abroad;

·         Informing RIFST's academic members of international conferences which are relevant to research activities of the Institute;

·         Collaborating with international organizations such as FAO, UNESCO and UNIDO;

·         Performing all English correspondence of RIFST.