In this regard, the most important duties of this group are as follows: 

Developing appropriate executive methods for approval, review, supervision and evaluation of research projects,

Developing and revising regulations and guidelines periodically,

Implementing the research grant of the academic members,

Handling affairs concerning the bonus for publishing scientific papers by academic members,

Selecting and awarding the selected researcher of the Institute,

Conducting affairs related to journeys inside and outside of the country to participate in scientific conferences, 

Activities related to holding scientific conferences  in the Institute,

Appraising the progress of research activities through strategic plans and approved policies

Carrying out all matters related to research contracts and taking action regarding their implementation,

Conducting matters related to the promotion and transformation of the status of faculty members,

Carrying out all matters related to employing applicants for membership of the Institute's academic staff.

Collecting, organizing and extracting statistical information and management reports from various research activities of the Institute,